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Working closely with Cat, we have brought Olivia to life.


to see Catherine’s work, Blog and more of Olivia from me.

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Taming Olivia is an ongoing project I am involved in. Catherine is a mental health advocate and blogger who campaigns to help those living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Catherine shares lived experience she wishes she had had when she was first diagnosed. Her aim is to help and champion the OCD community and continually strives to break down the misconceptions people have about the disorder.                     

Catherine has given her OCD the form of Olivia. She doesnt see this form but it helps her to sympathise and show compassion to the disorder she lives with and the effects it has on her. Olivia is used as a means to give form to her condition which helps her with strategies to deal with and manage her own symptoms.

The Taming Olivia blog and website go from strength to strength. Catherine champions a cause which people with the condition find very hard to talk about. Her bravery in being so outspoken is giving hope to many who suffer in silence. Because of this Catherine has, only after a short time, featured in a number of interviews and multimedia publications worldwide and I am privileged that my work has been able to accompany her and Olivia on their incredible journey.

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